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July 1st Changes...

Hey Flux Community,

As our existence in the time of COVID goes on, we need to assess and make changes to the way things are done around the gym. This will be an ongoing process and may change at any time. Based on the past few weeks we have an idea of how this summer is going to look for us and are making the last few modifications to our initial reopening plan.


Now that our community has had some experience adjusting to the "new normal" we feel it is time to unfreeze all our memberships. If you have any concerns or questions specifically related to your membership, please email

Anyone that wishes to support the gym by not extending their membership and keeping their original expiry/renewal date can let us know through the email above, via DM on social media, or in person at the gym. Everyone who chooses this option will be entered in a draw for a sweet bouldering prize package (details will be released at a later date)!

*NOTE* we will be having a special of 10% off memberships and punch passes on July 1st only, at the gym or by email & e-transfer!


The gym has yet to reach our new capacity at any point since reopening, and is particularly slow during the kid/youth/family time slots. In order to make climbing a little more convenient and flexible for our community we are eliminating the time slot system for the summer, and will re-evaluate in September when the gym would typically get busier. With practice we are now able to do our cleaning routine while the gym is open, and do not need to close for those tasks. All climbers are now welcome at any time during regular hours.

We strongly urge everyone to continue to check the counter on the website before deciding to come down to the gym.


We will now be allowing "bubbles" in the gym! We know that based on recommendations (permission?) from the PHO, people in our community have expanded their "bubbles" to include close friends whom they regularly participate in activities with. On top of our family/household units we are allowing those within each others "bubbles" to socialize a little closer in the gym. We are leaving it up to everyone to be responsible and respectful with this in order for it to continue successfully. Any "bubbles" with children must be communicated by parents to staff. Physical distancing must still be maintained between groups, as well as capacity limits in the gym and kitchen/training area/etc.

With Love

The Flux Family

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