May 31, 2020 (subject to change)

Edited July 1, 2020

Climbing is about community, and as a community we are all in this together.


Please read through all the info below to see what we're doing and what you can do to help keep us all climbing.

Facility Changes & Policies

Admission & Capacity

  • Limited Capacity of 15 (may increase to 20 including household units/at staff discretion)

  • Check-in and Check-out with staff is MANDATORY

  • Current gym capacity will be updated frequently on our website so climbers can check to see if it is a good time to visit

  • NOT IN EFFECT CURRENTLY! Admission will be based on time slots designated for different user groups

    • A schedule will be posted at the gym and here

    • Climbers may only use the facility during the appropriate time slot

    • Please do not arrive early or linger, staff will be cleaning in between each slot

  • NOT IN EFFECT CURRENTLY! User Groups/Time Slots

    • Children/Youth​

      • Under 12 must have supervision of an adult, older sibling, or babysitter on first and subsequent visits, until otherwise directed by staff​

      • 6 and Under may only visit during family time slots

      • 16+ may visit during Adult time slot in limited capacity and at staff discretion

      • Only 1 non-climber permitted per family/household unit to supervise children

      • Visitors must strictly follow social distancing rules outside of their family/household unit 

    • Families

      • Children 6 and Under may visit during family time slots with close adult supervision

      • Only 1 non-climber permitted per family/household unit unless specifically approved by staff and within capacity limits

      • Visitors must strictly follow social distancing rules outside of their family/household unit

    • Adults

      • 18+ (16/17 may be allowed in limited capacity)​

    • Visitors must strictly follow social distancing rules outside of their family/household unit or social "bubble"

Social Distancing​​​

  • All visitors must follow 2m social distancing protocols while in the facility, closer contact is only permitted within household units

    • Social "bubbles" are now permitted as long as everyone is being honest and responsible with their contacts​

      • Parents may be required to verify "bubbles" of children/youth​

  • Staff will be monitoring and strictly enforcing social distancing, anyone not following protocols will be asked to leave, repeated incidents and/or disrespect of staff may result in temporary bans from the facility

  • Rest positions will be marked around the perimeter walls

    • 1 person only per spot​

    • Corner bench spots may be used by individuals, but are reserved for household units/"bubbles" of up to 3 when necessary

Cleaning & Hygiene

  • Wash/Sanitizer Stations

    • 2 stations with water, soap, and paper towel are located in the washroom and kitchen space

    • 4 sanitizer stations have been added around the gym - 1 at the main gym entrance, 1 next to stage/entrance to training area, 1 on East window sill, and 1 at cubbies

  • Increased Cleaning

    • Washroom, kitchen space, cubbies, other high touch surfaces in the gym​, railings, and door handles will be cleaned after each user group/time slot



  • Entrance/Exit & Coat/Shoe Areas

    • Signs will be posted indicating which doors to use for entering/exiting the building

    • Use courtesy in allowing for 1 at a time on upper stairs

    • Follow arrows/floor markers/pylons for line-up and movement in/out of lower gym space

    • Do not linger in shared spaces

  • Climbing Walls

    • Only 1 climber permitted on each wall at a time, no exceptions

    • Climbers on the "Prow" must coordinate with users of the "Steep" and "Cave" walls

  • Washrooms

    • Please only use washroom within climbing facility

    • Other Miners' Hall washroom facilities are for other user groups, may be locked, and are not maintained by Flux Climbing staff 

  • Kitchen Space

    • Only to be used for hand washing and filling water bottles

    • Follow floor markers for appropriate spacing

    • Plastic cups are only available with staff supervision and sanitation

  • Training Area

    • 1 at a time maximum capacity

    • Children/Youth only allowed to use training area with staff consent and hygiene training

    • Users must clean surfaces with provided sanitizer and paper towel after use


  • Will only be offered/held outside of regular gym hours

  • New capacity restrictions and social distancing procedures will be followed

  • Contact gym owner for booking/inquiries -

Other Notes

  • There is no longer rental/communal chalk - speak to staff about options

Climber Expectations


  • Before using the facility for the first time all visitors MUST

    • Have a new waiver signed

      • Please sign on our website from your home computer or smartphone before visiting to speed up the process​​

      • under 19 must be signed by parent/guardian

    • Provide a current phone number (for contact tracing purposes)​​

    • Be oriented to new facility usage and procedures

  • Practice Good Hand Hygiene

    • Wash/Sanitize your hands when entering/exiting the facility

    • Wash/Sanitize before and after you:

      • Touch your face for any reason​

      • Use your water bottle

      • Check your phone

      • Use the washroom

    • Follow the posters for proper technique

  • Follow Social Distancing Guidelines

    • Only come to the gym with members of your household unit​ or social "bubble"

    • Use the appropriately marked doors and follow arrows/floor markers in the entrance area

    • Be conscious of others using the stairs

    • Keep 1-2m distance from others at all times

      • When not climbing stick to one of the designated rest spots​

      • While moving through the gym walk on the mats as far away from resting climbers as possible (DO NOT walk under climbers, wait when necessary)

    • Practice your air fist bumps and sad, longing stares

  • Exercise Respiratory Etiquette

    • Cough/Sneeze into your elbow or a tissue (dispose of immediately and clean hands)

    • Wear a mask - not currently required, but strongly encouraged

    • No Ondra/Sharma screams!

  • Arrive Ready to Climb

    • Limit personal items brought into the facility (water bottle, climbing shoes/chalk, phone, wallet, keys)

    • Change into climbing clothes and use the washroom at home/work before coming to the gym

    • Eat before/after and bring a water bottle - no food/drink will be sold for the time being

  • Practice kindness, patience, and communication with staff and your fellow climbers during these weird times.

Thank you from the Flux Family!

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