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Fall After School Lessons!

We have officially released our Fall lesson schedule.

This year we are still offering our regular Monday sessions for kids ages 5+ who like climbing, or want to try it out, and like the idea of having the gym all to themselves for a bit of climbing, a bit of games, and a lot of fun!

We are now also able to offer some intermediate/advanced lessons for kids 7+ who want to get a higher volume of climbing in (less games), learn and practice proper technique, and start to think longer term by setting goals and being introduced to training.

the goal is for kids doing these lessons to continue progressing and be able to transition into the Junior Competitive Team at some point if they wish to pursue that in their climbing.

there is the option to do only Wednesday lessons, only Friday lessons, or both days. membership is included for those who don't have one so the kids can come more regularly and continue to work on their skills.

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