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Shredded Tips is Back!

We are bringing you another round of friendly competition and sending satisfaction! The original was a blast last fall, COVID kiboshed our spring attempt and has made for a few changes this time around, but be assured it's going to be MEGA!

We are going to reset the Cave and Slab walls for an October 20th start to the competition, and will add the Steep and Vert walls in the following weeks, with a few bonuses thrown in along the way! The competition will end November 29th and instead of one big closing party, we will schedule separate times for the different age category finales!

Prizes will be awarded for the winners of the different age categories. The big prizes will be drawn for, with each participant receiving tickets to use for the prizes they want. All scorecards will be entered into additional prize draws.

Entry into the competition will be $10 with 1/2 going towards TAWKROC (The Association of West Kootenay Rock Climbers) and the other 1/2 going directly to prizes!

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